ARR’s Music -A Catalyst for our love story

July 15, 2017 0 Comments

8th July 2017, 17 30 hours

Here I am sitting with swollen feet and a big fat tummy and everybody walking past me, looks at me with shock, telling me that I shouldn’t be here tonight.

If I was not here where else would I be? ARR’s music has given me faith, peace, positivity, happiness, money and most importantly Love. I can’t imagine a life without this man’s words and his music and of course if he is performing in the city I reside, I would not miss it for anything.

I have hundreds of episodes from my life that would portray the importance of his music in my life but today I choose to talk about my Love story because it’s my favourite.

Every love story needs a catalyst or a Cupid because you can get attracted at the first sight but love is a process that happens as you get to know the other person.

I met this very quiet, creative and humble guy named Suresh in December 2009 in a common friends birthday and was attracted to him because of his photography skills. Later when I spoke to him I got to know that there is another person in this world who is as crazy as I am about ARR and his music.

Jai Ho concert was announced 3 months before the show and the both of us booked our tickets with a lot of other friends as soon as we got to know about the show.

ARR’s music created a strong bond between the two of us. My day started with Suresh singing an ARR song and his day ended with listening to me talk about how ARR and his music has been the reason for the love, positivity, and happiness throughout my life.

3 months later we met again and this time not as strangers but as friends. We spoke more about the man who is our God of Music as we were traveling from East Ham to Wembley to attend the Jai Ho concert.

We were students and could only afford the cheapest tickets so a group of about 18 Rahmaniacs were seated at the far end of SSE Arena watching this man perform live for the first ever time.

It was magical! I had goosebumps and tremors and I knew Suresh was going through a similar feeling, but he was sitting a few seats away from me and I was missing him. I kept swapping seats with other friends and kept moving towards him and noticed he was doing the same. We finally ended up sitting together hand in hand and enjoying his music, suddenly in the middle of ‘Hossana’ Suresh asked me if I will spend a lifetime with him and I said of course (well I already had decided that he is the man I want to spend the rest of my life with so it was not a big surprise).

Our love grew stronger and stronger as we kept talking about ARR’s music, Mani Ratnam’s movies and Gautam Menon’s dialogues. We appreciated how both of us were crazy Tamil movie/music fans and how our life could be interesting if we follow our dreams. Like any other couple we have had hundreds of episodes where we fought, thought about separation but one ARR song from our playlist would bring us back together; his music has many times been the reason for our togetherness.

Suresh did have a tough time in convincing his parents about his love for me and one day he took me to one of our favourite spot in Scotland and all of a sudden I found a Scottish girl listening to ‘Anbil Avan’ and from nowhere all my friends popped and started dancing around me and this man was on his knees and asked me if I would marry him.

Do you think any girl would have refused this proposal?


A year after we got married we got to know about ARR’s O2 concert we wanted to go watch him live once again to relive the memories from 2010. This time we had better seats and we’re watching it with family and friends. It was even more special because we were now married and it all started from Jai Ho 2010.

Now, I sit here with swollen feet and a big, fat tummy in the corridor where ARR is inside his dressing room and Bluefeather Studios (our first child) is the backstage partner and one of the official photographers for the event.


Everybody who looked at me would’ve thought I would pop and I was hoping for the same. I mean, I have a few more weeks to go but imagine me delivering today at ARR’s concert. Would it not complete a full circle and a perfect fairy tale love story?

ARR and his music have not only given me faith, hope, positivity, peace, and happiness but it has also given me something that the entire world needs: it’s given me the strength to LOVE passionately!

Picture clicked by Suresh Seetharaman